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Rodney Jones: I ask you my friends, residents of Lancaster County; do you know the significance of May 20th That is the day that you can make YOUR voice and YOUR choice count via the voting booth.

Dick and Pam Shellenberger: Gordon Denlinger was first to enter the race for PA Senatorial District 36. His decision to continue as a candidate, without Party endorsement, will allow Republican voters on May 20th a choice.

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Gordon Denlinger for State Senate

  • Welcome to my State Senate campaign website - the official site of the Friends of Gordon Denlinger Committee. It is my hope that through these pages you will gain a sense of my background, my views on economic and social policy, and of my passionate love for our Commonwealth and our nation! People often ask "Why are you running?" I am running for two reasons: First, to protect the spirit of freedom and liberty in this land and to preserve it for our children and grandchildren. Second, to reignite the spirit of opportunity in our Commonwealth! Thank you for your interest in the political process.

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Gordon Denlinger on staying in the race...

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